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STeLA is an international network aimed at developing outstanding students’ leadership skills by organizing a demanding annual forum. This forum focuses on personal development through intensive feedback. Excellent students from universities worldwide are brought together to form a lasting network, ready to tackle global issues as one.


STeLA is open to any student - bachelor, master and Ph.D. In order to find out more about how to apply for the STeLA Leadership Forum and possible workshops, visit the Applicants page!


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Welcome Dr. Dasher!


The US Branch would like to welcome Dr. Richard Dasher to the STeLA US team, as our faculty advisor!  Dr. Dasher is currently the director of the US-Asia Technology Management Center in the school of Engineering at Stanford University.  He has held numerous faculty positions around Stanford and is a consulting advisor for many technology start-ups and large firms both in the U.S. and Japan. His extensive experience in business, technology and international collaboration will be incredibly beneficial to the forums future endeavors.  Welcome aboard Dr. Dasher!


STeLA 2014 at Stanford University, Aug 15th - Aug 24th


The STeLA staff is pleased to announce that the 2014 forum will be held at the beautiful campus of Stanford University in sunny California, U.S.A.!!  For nine days, 50 students from all over the world are brought together to learn about leadership, create a lasting network of like-minded ambitious people and develop insight in one specific global issue. 


Theme: Bioethics and Health


 As science and engineering push the boundaries of healthcare and biotechology to produce faster instruments, stronger drugs, and more robust agriculture, many challenges and issues arise. At the 2014 STeLA Leadership forum, aspiring, science and engineering students will come together to discuss the ethical questions associated with these breakthrough technologies. Participants will acquire skills that will aid them in becoming leaders and valuable contributors in solving global challenges they will face in their future careers.